Fibromap Meeting 2022 – Spatial Map of Fibrosis

Fibromap Meeting 2022 – Spatial Map of Fibrosis

The 2nd annual meeting of the Fibromap consortia will take place at the 12.1.2022 from 9:00 and 13:00.

The meeting will be a hybrid venue at the seminar room of the Center for Biohybrid Medical Systems (CBMS) RWTH Aachen and via zoom. Registration is necessary and personal attendance will follow current pandemic conforming rules (currently 2G).

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Preliminary program

Time SpeakerTitle
9:00Ivan G. Costa Welcome
9:00 – 9:50Jose Polo – Monash University (pending)Keynote talk: T.BA
9:50 – 10:15Rafael Kramann – UK Aachen T.B.A.
10:15-10:40Rebekka K. Schneider – UK AachenT.B.A.
10:40-11:00coffee break
11:00 – 11:50Simon Haas – MDC BerlinKeynote talk: T.B.A.
11:50-12:15Ivan G. Costa – UK AachenT.B.A.
12:15-12:40Victor Puelles – UKE HamburgT.B.A.