Ivan G Costa – Group Leader


Fabio Ticconi – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: Machine Learning, Clinical * omics, NGS
Zhijian Li – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: open chromatin, single cells, transcription factor binding, ATAC-Seq

Tiago Maie – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: DNA methylation, cellular deconvolution
Ronghui Li – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: Single cell sequencing, cell type identification
Mingbo Cheng – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: Machine Learning, Single Cell
Martin Manolov – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: Machine Learning, Nanopore Sequencing


James Nagai – Ph.D. Candidate
Interests: Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, Single Cell Sequencing, Biological Networks


Julia Gehrmann – Student Assistant
Interests: DNA methylation, Cancer Classification


Ying Chen – Student Assitant
Gino Kwon – Visiting Scientist
Joseph Kuo – Ph.D. Candidate


Current Job: Postdoc at Institute for Biomedical Engineering – Cell Biology / RWTH Aachen University

Eduardo Gade Gusmao – Ph.D. Student


Current Job: Postdoc at Dana Farber Institute / Harvard School of Public Health

Manuel Allhoff – Ph.D. Student / AICES Fellow


Current Job: Data Analysis – P3 Consulting

Pablo Andretta Jaskowiak – Ph.D. Student


Current Job: Assistant Professor – Federal University of Santa Cantarina

Andre Camara – Ph.D. Student


Current Job:  Assistant Professor – Universidade Rural de Pernambuco

Sonja Haenzelmann – Postdoctoral Fellow


Current Job: Postdoc at University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein

Thais G. do Rego – Ph.D. Student


Current Job:  Assistant Professor at the Federal University of Paraiba

Gilderlanio S. de Araujo – M.Sc. Student


Current Job:  Ph.D. Candidate UFMG, BrazilI

Clerton Ribeiro – Project Manager CESAR, Brazil

Daniel Sabino – Adjunct Professor, UFERSA, Brazil