Collaborative work published in Nature Communications, Genome Research and Gut

The Costa lab has participated in several collaborative works, which has been published in important journals in  the recent months. In Axelsson et al., Nature Communications, we have contributed on inference of gene expression based networks from type 2 diabetes patients. This analysis has indicates the role of the TF Sox5 in T2D. We have further used our state-of-art footprinting method HINT to detect the regulatory network (upstream and downstream) of Sox5. In Kolovos et al., Genome Research,  we have used DNAse-seq footprints to inspect binding sites of Nfkb and its co-binding partners following TNF stimulation. This analysis supported the use of non-canonical motif by Nfkb in inflammatory responses.  Finally, in Hohwieler et al., Gut, we have analysed organoid cells to confirm their acinar and ductal like expression patterns.