Introduction to Bioinformatics in R (in plan)

Introduction to Bioinformatics in R

by Ivan G. Costa and Joseph Kuo

This block course is intended to introduce biomedical students to programming in R and to basic analysis of high throughput sequencing data. It will include a hands on section, where students will perform a basic pipeline for analysis of gene expression data. No previous knowledge in R is required.

In this course, you will learn:

  • basics of R programing language
  • basics of the bioinformatics package Bioconductor
  • steps necessary for analysis of RNA-seq data
  • visualization and statistics in R

Selection of Participants

Given the limited number of places (15), participants will be selected based on a motivation letter. More details to come.

Computers and Software

Participants should bring their own laptop and have R software pre-installed.  Check here for installation details (to come).


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  • Pevzner, P., Shamir R., Bioinformatics for Biologist. Cambridge University Press 2011.

Here are some links for those interested in further improving their knowledge in R.