INTRICARE – Intro to bioinformatics

by Tiago Maié & Ivan G. Costa

This course will give an introduction on main bioinformatics steps for the analysis of gene expression microarrays. We will show how to analyse gene expression data deposited in Gene Expression Omnibus using R. It will include a hands on section, where participants will perform the analysis of gene expression data with distinct subsets of immunological cells. No previous R knowledge is required.

Case Study

We will base our analysis on data from ImmGen and from the paper below. We recommend attendees to read the paper before the course.

van de Laar L, Saelens W, De Prijck S, Martens L et al. Yolk Sac Macrophages, Fetal Liver, and Adult Monocytes Can Colonize an Empty Niche and Develop into Functional Tissue-Resident Macrophages. Immunity 2016 Apr 19;44(4):755-68. PMID: 26992565

Computers and Software

Participants should bring their own laptop and have R and RStudio software pre-installed. Check here for installation details.

Course Material

Here you can find the slides and handout for the course.

Additional Material

Here are some links for those interested in further improving their knowledge in R.