Installation Manual BioInfoLab 2023

Mina Shaigan / Martin Manolov

Download and install Miniconda

To be able to easily install needed software for further analysis please download and install Miniconda on the RWTH HPC by using the following code:

# Download the bash file on your home directory
cd ~
# Execute the file and follow the steps to install miniconda

### For Mac Users
# wget
# bash

After installation was successful and you have initialized miniconda (last step of the installation process) you may need to exit the current terminal session and open a new one for the changes to take effect.


If you don’t see a “(base)” in front of the computer name in terminal, this means that conda didn’t write the changes after initialization to your shell launcher script. In this case make sure to run the following to activate conda:

source ~/miniconda3/bin/activate

Now you should see the “(base)”


Create a new environment for all the libraries you will need.

Download the yaml file containing the desired libraries

curl > ~/environment.yml

Create the environment from that file

conda env create -f ~/environment.yml

Follow up by activating the newly created environment

conda activate bioinfolab

Now install some additional libraries

pip install --user setuptools==58
pip install rgt tensorflow --user