Programming basics in R - The Basics

Tiago Maié

Fabio Ticconi

02 October 2020

This tutorial contains different levels of difficulty that build on each other. If you skip a level it might be possible that you won’t manage to finish the next one.
Further, Level 0 should be done BEFORE the class takes place. The class will start on level 1. Don’t ruin your chances of getting further in the class and learning more about this subject that you chose to learn by skipping level 0.

Please do Level 0 before the class takes place.

Must know:

Level 0

At this point you are supposed to have installed R and RStudio on your computer. If you haven’t done that yet, please go and do it before you move forward. You can install R from and RStudio from (the links here will take you to the correct installation page).

R and RStudio

R is a (statistical) programming language. RStudio is the environment where you will be typing your code.
Imagine RStudio is like Word. Makes your text pretty but if you don’t put anything inside it doesn’t do much.
R is great if you want to do data analysis and produce state-of-the-art plots.